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Decorating our homes is one of the best things most of us love to do. If you got an Edloe Finch’s modern leather lounge chair, then you need to find some best places in your living room. Otherwise, it will not enhance the space with its lounging feature. Below you will find some suggestions; let’s take a look. 

Next To A Bay Window

A bay window is one of the best ideal choices one can ever make. If this never comes to your mind, then use this delightful spot by placing your lounge chair. Decor with some wooden frames and enjoy the mornings with birds chirping & a cool breeze. Have a cup of coffee and adore the moments. 

Use the Secondary Seating Arrangement

If your living room has a space of secondary seating arrangement, then use it to the best. Pair it with an eye-catching table, keep a stack of books, a nice yet tall lamp, and a beautiful houseplant. This will surely steal your guest attraction at first sight. 

Make it a Part of Sectional

Edloe Finch’s modern lounge chair is a taste of eliteness. You can keep this voguish piece of the chair at one end of the sectional. This allows you to stretch out your legs with your body upright against your sofa back. Great way to allow even two people to stretch out on the sofa. 

Near A Sliding Glass Door

Do you cherish the morning sunshine and feel like stretching out? Then place your lounge chair near a sliding patio door. It’s one of the best ways to use the space, which is quite empty, as many people don’t love positioning the sofa where you get the direct sunlight. But you get a chance to relish sunbathing. 

Next To Your Traditional Couches

You can build a large seating area with the lounge chair. Set the setting with some traditional couches as it gives additional seating space to your friends and family. Make sure to keep traditional couches facing each other otherwise they may look awkward. The lounge chair just adds a boost to the overall decor. Complement it with some colorful throw pillows. 

In Front of Your Smart TV

Being a movie lover, you really show significance to your smart tv. Then put the astonishing velvet lounge chair in front of your television where you can watch your shows with immense comfort. You feel like you are lying on a bed. You can also keep a conversational space if there are two people by keeping the small round table. 

In Your Outdoor Living Room

Generally, people are now having outdoor spaces attached to the living room. This serves as the additional space for your living room. In case you live in a place where the weather usually remains pleasant or have a large outdoor fireplace. This space is an advantage to you. You can make the space more pleasing with beautiful outdoor furniture and lounge chairs. 

Final Shot

Lounge chairs are pretty famous in France, and gradually with their good appeal, people started using them in commercial spaces worldwide. But the trend is not over yet as now people want these alluring modern pieces in their homes. Above are some recommendations to place your lounge chair. However, creativity has no limit, so you are all free to choose your way.

By Sophie Morrison

I am a passionate blogger & always keen to learn new things. I luv nature photography and travelling.