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Whitewashing and pickling have long been go-to techniques to bring cozy and appeal to a place, regardless of what fashions come and go. The tried-and-true methods are low-cost and simple ways to instantly convert ceilings, walls, furniture, floors, and practically any other wood surface. 

Though the word “whitewashing” is used to describe a range of white finishes, it most commonly refers to painting a wood surface with diluted white paint. Whitewashed with calcium carbonate and slaked lime paint are used to paint the rough wood surfaces of dairy farms,  which is why the buildings are brilliantly white. The sanitary and hygenic features of the calcium carbonate paint and slaked lime, as well as its capacity to cover uneven, rough surfaces and, of course, its rustic beauty, made it popular. 

Keep on reading to learn the various types of tables for dining tables:

Types of Dining Table

1. Whitewash Dining Table:

The whitewashed dining table in ancient oak complements any mixed media and reclaimed wood dining room design beautifully. The heirloom-quality manufacturing boosts its beauty and longevity, while natural wood distressed and knots patterns highlight the wood’s unique qualities, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. This table is ideal for both formal and casual meals and would look great in any dining room or kitchen.  The wood’s ancient oak treatment extends the piece’s life by giving maximum scratch and moisture resistance for many years.

2. Wood Dining Table: 

Solid wood is a timeless material that is both easy and sturdy to maintain. Less expensive and popular alternatives include mango, pine, teak, and acacia. Solid wood tables with Ikea are becoming more affordable. Humidity and heat cause wood to shrink and expand, resulting in wear and scratches. However, wood is quite easy and simple to repair.

3. Stone Dining Table:

The stone dining table includes quartz composite, marble, and cast stone. Moreover, the stone dining table is long-lasting, although it is rapidly and porous and absorbs dirt. One of the important things about this type of dining table it can crack and if so it is impossible or difficult to fix. This kind of dining table is a heavyweight.

4. Glass Dining Table:

The glass dining table consists of tinted frosted and clear versions. You can create a feeling of openness in your space with these types of tables.  Although glass is resistive to heat and moisture, can cause it to break and scrape. It also displays fingerprints. If you’re not too careless, a glass dining table can last decades, but if you’re prone to scratching the surface or cracking the corners, better to look for other options.

5. Metal Dining Table:

Metal dining table tops are most commonly made of metal, such as zinc, lacquered, stainless steel, and brass or painted variants of these metals. “Metal is long-lasting and difficult to harm. However, due of the increased sheen, it displays every fingerprint and require particular cleaning products. Painted metals can also be difficult to repair. These can be less expensive than wood tables. You can enhance the look of your room with a gage dining table as it consists modern and sophisticated look. 

These are few types of dining tables that can add homey vibe in your abode You can choose any kind according to your choice and needs.

By Sophie Morrison

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