Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book to Practice Number Sense

Kids less than 6 have strong grabbing power, and the age is perfect for building mathematical skills. The wipe clean early learning activity book boosts kids to practice number sense with enjoyment and helps them to clear OLSAT level A. The book contains tips & strategies helping small children to have a robust logical foundation & can build number sense. 

Why is Building Number Sense Important?

Kids only need opportunities to experiment with new ways of learning. Learning numbers in smart ways is what today’s generation needs. Identifying numbers, understanding quantity, etc., require interesting ways of learning. When kids build numbers sense, their knowledge expands and helps them to construct logical ideas down the road. So, a strong number sense is essential to help children understand complex calculations in higher classes. Wipe clean activity book is one of the best kindergarten workbooks that quickly attain small kids’ interest and stimulate their learning graph. 

Common Practice to Build Number Sense

➤Build Number Sense Through Counting

Number sensing through oral counting is the classic and fruitful method. The everyday practice reminds them of the sounds of the numbers and makes their learning strengths. Generally, one-to-one counting is an essential skill and is practiced often. For instance, parents ask their little ones to count out loud, and a reward is given if it’s all correct. 

➤Build Number Sense by Visuals Help

Provide a practice book and other materials to kids to learn the numbers. This motivates children as they do the learning with some visuals. Children are highly attracted by visual learning and help parents to make them study for long hours with a better focus. 

➤Build Number Sense with Number of the Day

Parents can ask children to pick a number of the day & use it during a math block. For example,  Parents play a short trick to help kids learn the numbers by asking them to learn a particular number every day and dissect that number during calendar time. Or use an anchor chat to break a few numbers down. 

➤Build Number Sense by Ordering Numbers

 Kids learn by putting numbers in order. When kids put the numbers in order, they speak loudly or count them to build the number sense. Activities include best workbooks for 1st grade having numbers’ sets questions to make a correct order, practicing covering different numbers on a number chart and adding sticky notes to ask kids the missing numbers, etc., 

➤Build Number Sense with Place Value Activities

Another smart way is to teach kids about place value. The place value activities allow them to have strong learning skills and make their guesses correct very easily. For example, ask them to draw or show 14 with place value blocks.

At last

Kids have stronger brain functions than adults. So, it’s vital for parents and teachers to make them learn things accurately. The foundation they earn at an early age will shape their future. Wipe-clean activity books come in different volumes based on a child’s needs and are ideal for making their mathematical skills enduring.

By Sophie Morrison

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