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The Uttari Betta, one of Bangalore’s most popular hiking trails, is a 5km promenade that crosses a beautiful leafy verdant landscape that offers a breathtaking panoramic view comparable to the Western Ghats. You start in a small town and then pass through seven stone doors to reach the shelter. There is also a Sankareswari temple at the shelter. The view from the top of the temple is beautiful and enough to take your senses to a new level. After we have climbed the temple, the tour continues forward. We then enter a small wilderness shelter and participate in an entirely new surprise globe. Finally, we reach the plateau shelter at the cliff, which is enclosed with massive boulders.

After spending some time at the shelter, listening to undersized talks near the campfire, enjoying the sundown, and then after some time, we begin to fall back to the underpart junction of the walk.

View during the trek

This excursion is a master at capturing picturesque panoramas. It also takes you to the historical fortress separators as well as complex rock stages. This cliff fortification has eight entrances that lead to the summit, in addition to several other external entrances.

Plan The Unexpected’s sole sunrise jaunt takes you directly into the heart of the essence. It uses burrows, wildernesses and large boulders to make you marvel at the immense power of nature. This makes it possible for trekkers to feel at one with nature and the abundance of foliage. This tour will allow you to feel at one with nature and be part of something that is soul-soothing.

The trekkers don’t need any kind of give-and-take ability as the route to Uttari Betta is very short and takes just 4 hours.

The trek to Uttaribetta or HutriDurga

The Hutridurga Trek has been a popular weekend pilgrimage starting from Bangalore. It is also a favorite for those who are interested in long distance bike trips and other extended journeys from the city. Hutridurga Fort Trek is the reason that Hutridurga is a moderately well-known place in Bangalore.

Undoubtedly, the Hutridurga Fort is a hidden treasure near Bangalore. Hutridurga is a combination of a weekend pilgrimage to Bangalore and the thrill of climbing up the Hutridurga Uttari Betta.

Hutridurga Hill Station

Hutridurga hill Station was the name of the place we saw as we left Santhepete’s central avenue. We could see the outline of a ridge as the dust settled. This was Hutridurga Betta. It was the cliff that was an attentive viewer to the history of the province. Hidden within the fold of the stony hill were a thousand stories, including whispers from Krishnadevaraya’s time, prehistoric sagas, and British retellings.

The hill’s floor is reached by a narrow lane. Hutridurga is your gateway to the pastoral Karnataka. You will see tableaux of Indian countryified life such as a cowherd directing his buffaloes to pastureland or small townley stores and temples to the townley godheads.

In the middle of the hill is a highway. Roadwork is under construction. You can easily haul almost to the Hutridurga Fort excursion. An undersized townley is one of many that are found in the shade of the Uttari Betta. The tiny townley flies at the Hutridurga Fort immediately. It is known as Aalada Mara. The village has a few cabins, a temple for the regional Diva – Maramma and an Adi Narayana Temple. The trek’s beginning persuasiveness is reached by a situation cache.

Hutridurga Trek The Summit

Here are some details about the trek

The steps are unevenly placed with gravel and are quite abrupt. The function is improving, so we carefully plan the steps and reach the temple. The walls can be seen at the flank of the temple. They are a rectangular wicket or mandapa with a canopy supported by no-frills stones cues.

As soon as we match the lid, the sun is setting and the mandapa greets us. We grab a bit from our consolidated lunch, and make foolproof. Then we organize all the garbage and bring them before we dump it. We glance at the small rectangular space in the stone near the temple’s flank as we eat our lunch. It glows with the sun’s rays and is constantly replenished with water.

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