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Bir billing is a Himachal Pradesh town near the Kangra Valley. People come from all over the globe to learn about meditation and ecotourism. It is possible to see a strong Tibetan presence in the area. The Tibetan colony in the outskirts Bir is the largest within the region. The colony was established in 1960 when the Dalai Lama fled Tibet due to Chinese instability. He traveled for two weeks to reach India. After his exile, Chokling Rinpoche established the Bir Tibetan Colony. The Tibetan colony may contain many Tibetan monasteries, institutes and schools as well as clinical centers, restaurants, accommodation centers, Tibetan handicraft centers, and other centers. Bir billing gained notoriety in 2016 when it hosted the inaugural global paragliding cup. Bir Billing is a billing-focused employer.

India’s Paragliding Capital:

It is known as India’s Paragliding Capital, and is the second-finest paragliding spot in the world. Paragliding in Bir is possible from the take-off page. Billing is the landing spot. Bir Billing is the ideal location for paragliding. Paragliding requires calm winds to ensure a smooth takeoff. Paragliders, and anyone else who is interested in this thrilling sport, come from all over the globe. The cloud base is perfect and the air currents are perfect. Bir Billing is a popular destination for paraglider enthusiasts who are interested in becoming published authors. Bir Billing offers many courses. The shorter path takes ten days and costs 30,000 dollars. An extended paragliding course lasts for 30 days.

Bir Billing seemed like a good place to elope, as it was not too crowded.


There are many cafes along Bir avenue that offer delicious food and beverages. There are many Tibetan souvenirs that can be purchased, including junk jewelry, intricate and hand-woven Shawls, brass windchimes, woolen shrugs and sweaters.

You can see how Tibetans live by touring the Tibetan colony. You can find everything you need in the colony. There are many temples and monasteries that offer the opportunity to practice the chanting of Buddhism. The well-known deer park institution that attracts hundreds of college students to its publications, which revolve around classical India wisdom. The instruction consists of Buddhist teachings and language getting to understand, as well as the art of sketching and filmmaking. Registered college students can use a lodging facility that may provide as much energy as 100 human beings.


Lies just a short distance from the tranquil Gunehar village. Visitors come from all over the US to enjoy the Gunehar waterfalls. The waterfalls reach a height of 100 feet. A little trek around the village can take you to the top as well as the waterfalls. It is worth capturing the stunning view of the clear, crystal-clear water and the aid of the rocky landscapes. The stunning view is enhanced by the Dhauladhar mountain at the back of the waterfalls. You could also take jeep rides and hike the village.

Bir market 

Near the Bir market was found the Bir tea manufacturing plant. It is located in a mile-long region where girls can be seen picking leaves and making the final products. The manufacturing unit is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the process and steps involved in making and manufacturing tea leaves.

Beautiful treks

One of the most beautiful treks in the area is the Sunset factor, which runs from Bir to Ghodnala. You will start the trek from Bir and pass through Dhani village. Many villagers are friendly and will give you helpful tips if your goal is to walk the entire trek. This trek offers a wonderful piece of nature, with many bushes and shrubs. It is a beautiful trek under a clear sky with a pleasant trek to the sundown factor. You can also choose to live on the sundown factor. There are many options for a single-day live in tents. You could also sell your woolens and kidney beans at markets.


One of the most famous monasteries in Bir is the Chokling Monastery, also known as the Pema Ewan Chokgyur Gyurme Ling. It was built in 1960 and is well-known for its charming statue of Padmasambhava. Many stupas, sanctuaries, and monks can be seen prominently.

Dharmalaya Institute offers a variety of publications for people in the sector. You can find publications on sustainable farming, natural constructing, and village development. Students can also learn meditation and yoga to understand how the environment affects you and others.


Because we were very punctual, our determination to climb to the Bhagsunag waterfall was the best. You will pass many shops selling souvenirs and garbage jewelry, which you can purchase. After passing the Bhagsu Nag shrine, we began our journey. It is quite difficult. The climb is choppy and not too difficult. You should take it slow and not rush. Drink the cool, sparkling water from the pipes whenever you feel fatigued. After a lot of puffing and panting, we eventually reach the waterfalls. They may be stunning.

From McLeodGanj, it takes only three hours. You will be able to enjoy the course with its colorful, unique cottages.

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