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GlobalWiggers VentureBeat is a venture capital company that specializes in technology-related investments. Mike Wiggers and Paul Bettencourt, entrepreneurs, and venture investors, launched the company in 2020. The company has locations in San Francisco, New York, and London.

GlobalWiggers VentureBeat makes investments in early-stage technological startups. The company focuses on investing in companies that are creating and delivering innovative corporate, consumer, and emerging market solutions. In addition to investing in firms with disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and robots, the company focuses on investing in companies using these technologies.

The firm’s portfolio includes Airtight Networks, Apptopia, and BigID, among others. GlobalWiggers VentureBeat works closely with its portfolio firms to provide them with strategic guidance and support for their success.

GlobalWiggers VentureBeat collaborates with other venture capital firms and strategic investors to offer its portfolio businesses extra financing. The company also collaborates with incubators and accelerators to give mentoring and support to businesses in their early stages.

The firm’s team of seasoned experts has a lengthy history of investing in and nurturing successful technological startups. GlobalWiggers VentureBeat’s portfolio firms are supported by a worldwide network of partners and consultants.

GlobalWiggers VentureBeat has made investments in over thirty businesses, some of which have gone public or were purchased. The firm’s investments have produced substantial profits for its investors.

GlobalWiggers VentureBeat is committed to assisting entrepreneurs in building prosperous technology businesses. The business is devoted to providing its portfolio firms with the necessary resources and direction to achieve success.

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