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Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter: A Revolutionary Solution for Hearing Loss

The Roger Pen Transmitter is a remote portable microphone that was created to assist people with hearing loss in difficult listening situations, including when many talks are going on at once in a room. In comparison to those who do not have hearing loss, users of the Roger pen will be able to understand up to 62% more speech over distance and in noise. It is the perfect assistive technology for adults and teenagers because it was created with discretion in mind.

Without the user having to make any settings adjustments, the directional Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter automatically adjusts to various noisy circumstances, such as conferences and interview settings. The Roger Pen also includes a lanyard so that you may hang it around the speaker you are now listening to. This is very helpful in one-on-one speaking situations. Depending on which way up the pen is facing, it automatically converts between directional and omnidirectional recordings. The Roger transmitter can be used with Roger receivers, which can be directly connected to your cochlear implant or hearing aid. It comes in three colors: silver, petrol, and ruby, and is highly subtle.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, the Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter is a wireless, universal microphone that offers enhanced speech recognition in noisy environments and across long distances. An all-purpose wireless microphone improves hearing loss sufferers’ comprehension of speech in noise and at a distance. The Roger Pen has a covert design and offers wideband audio Bluetooth for usage with mobile devices, fully automatic settings, TV connectivity, and an audio input for listening to multimedia. Also, it can be utilized in a microphone network with additional Roger Clip-On Mics and Roger Pens.

Superior hearing to those without hearing loss

The Roger transmitter’s clever, adaptive algorithms, which are based on Phonak’s proprietary Roger technology, allow it to automatically adapt to the user’s environment and deliver high-quality wireless transmission in any situation. The Phonak Roger Pen has been scientifically shown to improve hearing aid users’ comprehension of speech by up to 62% over distance and in noise compared to those who do not have hearing loss.

Bluetooth and multiplatform compatibility

The Roger Pen substantially improves conversation quality and allows for hands-free calls by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s speech to the hearing aids through a Bluetooth connection to mobile phones. Consumers may stream audio from various devices, including TVs, music players, PCs, gaming systems, and more, by connecting these gadgets to the Roger Pen’s micro-USB port or the charging dock that comes with it.

Phonak Roger Pen Transmitter for Education

All kids should be able to hear clearly in class, especially those who have hearing issues. The classroom is a dynamic environment, and for each child to engage completely, they must be able to hear not only the teacher but also their peers and any multimedia equipment. There is a hearing solution for every circumstance with RogerTM for Education.

  • Motivate students to participate fully in class.
  • Easily participate in a variety of class activities.
  • The completely automatic transition from a single speaker to a group discussion.
  • Attach to any multimedia device.
  • All hearing aids and cochlear implants compatible.

Roger Pen Advanced Bionics

A new era of performance began with Roger. This new digital wireless standard outperforms all of the current FM and digital systems, providing a startling improvement in signal-to-noise ratio and permanently eradicating technological complexity.  Patients using Roger Pen Advanced Bionics can now use Roger technology. The Naida CI from AB, the newest and most cutting-edge behind-the-ear sound processor in the market, offers a quantum jump in performance and wireless communication.

The cochlear implant and hearing aid technologies of today are quite good at enhancing speech comprehension. Even the most cutting-edge hearing aids and cochlear implants have limitations, particularly when used far away or in noisy environments. Modern wireless mics are needed in these situations to improve performance and close the communication gap. The Roger digital wireless portfolio truly shines in this area.

The portfolio includes microphones and receivers that work by taking up a speaker’s voice and sending it wirelessly to the listener while attenuating background noise. In meetings or social settings, you can hear the conversation, which makes listening enjoyable.

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