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Step by step Instructions on How to Draw An Atom Drawing Easily

How to Draw An Atom. We may not see the atoms with the naked eye, but technically you can see them wherever you look!

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The atoms make up all the matters that surround us, and it is incredible to think that on a microscopic level, these tiny cells are all we see and interact with. The atoms are very important, but learning to draw an atom can also be fun!

With the help of this guide, you’ll know exactly how to do it. We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an atom in 6 stages!

How to Draw An Atom

Step 1

In this first step of our guide to drawing an atom, we’ll start with a very simple shape. We will build the Atom with different instances of the same shape.

This shape will be a long oval, and the first one will be vertical. Ideally, you want all subsequent ovals you draw to be the same size.

You can ensure this with a stencil or by tracing something flat and oval.

Otherwise, you can measure the length and width of this oval and do your best to replicate them in future passages. Once that oval is drawn, you’re ready for the next step!

Step 2

You’ve made the first oval of your Atom’s design, and now you can add another one in this passage. As mentioned in the previous step, you should make this oval in the size and shape of the first one.

Tracing something like a stencil would be ideal for this design! However, you draw it, and this oval is diagonally above the other oval.

Step 3

Now you take your hand! Before we add some particle detail to the Atom, we have another oval to add to this pass of our guide to drawing an atom.

Again, this will be diagonal across the first oval, except this will go in the opposite direction to that of the previous pass.

With all ovals designed, we’ll be passed on to the final details of the particles in the next few steps, so let’s move on!

Step 4

In this phase of atom design, we will add some small particle particles to the Atom. These will be small and simple, but they will also be effective in making your real Atom look!

To do this, draw small circles on the lines of the Atom that you have drawn so far.

We’ve designed three for this guide, but you can draw more or less if you prefer and change where they are on the Atom.

So we have one more important element to add before colouring your atom design!

Step 5

The centre of the Atom is called the nucleus and is the most important part of the Atom! Luckily, although it can be very important, drawing this passage from our guide on how to draw an atom is very easy.

All you have to do is tighten a circle in the centre of the Atom. If you want to draw a perfect circle for the centre, you can use a drawing compass or trace around something round and flat.

Before proceeding, feel free to add some details and elements of your own! We’ve mentioned designing multiple particles onto the Atom or modifying their positioning, but you could develop even more creative ideas.

You could draw other atoms floating in the background!

Step 6

This will take you to the final phase of your atom design, and this is the passage where you will have a lot of fun adding colour to your image!

We kept it simple and clean for our image, using red, blue, and yellow for the different particles of the Atom. However, this is just a suggestion; you have many options for colouring this picture!

Also, not only do you have to colour the particles of the Atom, but you can also colour the spaces between the ovals you design.

You also have unlimited options for the colours you can use. So this is a great opportunity to use all your favourite colours!

You can choose the colours and enjoy playing with your favourite artistic means to bring them to life.

Whether you keep the colours bright and vibrant or colder and softer, we know you’ll make this atomic design even better!

Your Atom Drawing is Finished!

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