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How Can You Use Outdoor Signage for an Expo in Uk

Are you getting ready to host an expo? Creating successful outdoor signage can be one of the most effective ways to attract attendees and ensure your event is a success. Outdoor signs function as miniature billboards, grabbing people’s attention and enticing them with colourful graphics and engaging text. 

With the right design tips and placement strategies, you can make sure that your expo stands out! In this blog post, we’ll provide actionable advice on how to use outdoor signage strategically for optimal results. Read on to learn more!

Types of Outdoor Signage for Expos

If you want any of the following types of banners, contact the signage company near me – that goes by the name of Signworld. Some of the popular choices they offer are as follows: 


Banners are a great way to catch the attention of passersby at an expo. They can be hung from ceilings, poles or attached to walls and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Bright colors and bold designs will help draw attention to your booth.


Flags are eye-catching and dynamic, especially when there is a breeze. They usually attach to poles or stands and come in a range of materials such as nylon or polyester, for durability. They can also be printed with logos, messages, or images for maximum visibility.


A-frames are portable signs that can move around an expo and set up wherever you need them. They come in either single or double-sided designs depending on the level of visibility required. 

A-frames can be customized with messages, graphics, colours, and more which helps draw more attention to your booth.

Pop-up displays

Pop-up displays are a great way to quickly set up an attractive display area at an expo. They consist of large panels that feature visuals in detail. These include photos or artwork, along with text messaging about your products and services. The panels can be customized with different colours and graphics for maximum impact at an expo.


Billboards are ideal for outdoor events because they provide maximum visibility from all angles. They provide the opportunity to promote your company’s message! This is possible across a wide area from far away distances due to their size, which makes them highly visible! So, potential customers have plenty of time to become aware of your presence before they arrive at the expo location itself.

Tips for Using Outdoor Signage in an Expo

Signworld – the signworld company near me provides the best signage solutions. Keeping a close look at how they work, I have gathered some points to use signage in an expo. Here’s the quick summary of it. 

Keep it Simple

Outdoor signage can easily overwhelm trade show attendees with too much information. Keep your message simple! And focus on a few key facts that will quickly communicate the purpose of your booth or promotion. 

Limit the number of words used, and use larger font sizes for messages that are more important to get across.

Use High-Quality Images

Outdoor signage should draw people in, so make sure to use images that are clear and high-resolution. If you’re printing out posters or banners, select materials that will stand up to the elements if they’re going to be outside for extended periods of time. 

If you’re displaying digital outdoor signage, such as an LED sign, be sure to choose images with vibrant colours. They will look great at night when displayed on a large screen.

Choose the Right Location

Make sure your outdoor signage is in a visible spot most likely to be seen by potential customers or visitors. If possible, locate signs near entrances or exits. This is where people are most likely to walk past and take notice of what you have to offer. 

Additionally, consider whether your signs need additional lighting fixtures. Do they need to be on tall stands in order for them to be visible from afar.

Use Contrasting Colors

The best way to make sure your outdoor signage pops is by using colours that contrast with each other. This will give them a good visibility even from far away.

Bold colours like red and yellow work well together. However, feel free to experiment with different combinations. This will allow you find something that looks great while still getting the message across clearly.

Make it Visible From a Distance

Outdoor signage should be visible even from long distances away so pay attention to what type of fonts you use as well as how large lettering needs to be in order for people walking by at ground level or driving by in cars can see what you have displayed clearly. 

Select fonts that are easy to read! If you know there’s going to be lots of foot traffic around your booth area, this is the key!

Designing an Outdoor Signage for an Expo

Determine the Purpose

When designing outdoor signage for an expo, it is important to determine what the purpose of the signage is. 

Is it meant to inform people about the event and its details? 

Is it intended to draw people to attend or participate in the expo? 

Perhaps its purpose is to promote a certain product or service that will be featured at the event. Establishing what one wishes to convey with their outdoor sign is a critical step in developing effective messaging.

Know Your Target Audience

In addition to determining what message one wishes to convey with their outdoor sign, it is important to take into consideration who one’s target audience is for the event. 

Knowing who your target demographic is necessary. It will help inform decisions about design, colours, fonts, sizes, etc., as well as which channels are best for reaching them. 

Additionally, researching what types of signs this particular audience typically responds positively towards can help design a more successful piece of advertising.

Keep Branding Consistent

It is essential that all branding on an outdoor sign match that of other promotional materials associated with the expo. This includes logo placement and format, colour palette, font choice and size, as well as imagery associated with the brand itself. 

Keeping these elements consistent throughout all promotions not only reinforces brand recognition and name awareness but also builds trust and customer loyalty over time.

Use a Call-to-Action

Most signs are displayed outdoors in public spaces for limited amounts of time; having a clear call-to-action allows potential customers or attendees to quickly and easily find out more information about the event or product being promoted. 

Examples might include adding website addresses or phone numbers where further inquiries can be made or even giving out tickets directly from the signage itself by utilizing QR codes.

Incorporate Social Media

Given how popular social media platforms have become in recent years, incorporating them into outdoor signs could be beneficial for outreach purposes. 

Adding hashtags or links to official accounts allows customers who may have seen a sign but weren’t able to immediately act on it at that moment an opportunity later on down the line when they’re on their mobile device and looking over their Twitter feed or scrolling through Instagram posts

Benefits of Using Outdoor Signage for an Expo

Increased Brand Visibility

Outdoor signage for an expo has the potential to significantly increase brand visibility in the local community and beyond. Placing signs in strategic locations can help attract more customers to an event, as people will be made aware of the expo when they pass a sign. 

Additionally, if the signage includes branding elements – such as logos or slogans – it can create a more cohesive message that reinforces brand identity. Having a strong presence at an expo, both physical and visual, can create a lasting impression on visitors.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Using outdoor signage for an expo is also great for engaging with customers and increasing customer loyalty. People who visit the event may feel great if you welcome them with branded signage. It will be more impactful if it reflects company values and messages. 

Signage can have a direct impact on how people perceive brands, and by providing helpful information such as directions to booths or captivating imagery, exhibitors can encourage visitors to engage further with their business.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

For businesses looking to maximize their marketing budget without sacrificing the quality of materials or design elements, outdoor signage is an ideal option. Signage is relatively inexpensive if we compare it to other types of marketing tools. Radio ads or digital campaigns are expensive, yet signage offers great potential for ROI. 

Signs are highly visible from afar, and you can put them in multiple locations around town! Hence, businesses don’t need to invest heavily in other marketing strategies in order to reach a wide audience.

Builds Credibility

Outdoor signage for an expo is effective for building credibility among local consumers. By showcasing professional designs along with company images and logos, exhibitors demonstrate that they take their business seriously. This shows your commitment to delivering quality products or services. 

This helps build trust among potential customers who love the professionalism of the signage! Hence, they will be most likely to consider doing business with that exhibitor after visiting the event.


Outdoor signage is an invaluable tool for every expo looking to attract more visitors, increase brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression on potential consumers. 

As the face of your event, outdoor signage helps you stand out from the crowd while providing useful information to attendees. It also serves as a powerful marketing tool by boosting visibility and serving as an effective reminder of your company or brand.

When used effectively, outdoor signage can help drive higher traffic and create more engagement with visitors. 

Utilizing eye-catching designs that incorporate colours, fonts, and images can draw in customers from a distance. Investing in high-quality materials will ensure that your signs are durable enough to withstand weather conditions like strong winds or heavy rain. 

Additionally, for maximum impact during an expo, signs should be strategically placed in visible locations where they will capture the attention of passersby and direct them towards your booth or event area.

By utilising outdoor signage at expos, companies can significantly improve their visibility, reinforce their messaging and branding, and ensure that their products remain top of mind with the public even after the event has finished.

With proper planning and careful consideration of design elements such as colour schemes, font sizes and types of materials used, companies can make sure that their outdoor signage stands out amongst the competition at an expo.

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