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Chinabased Inceptio 270m Series Jd Logistics


China has been a major force in the global tech sector in recent years. Several cutting-edge tech startups that are making ripples on the global market were born in the nation. China-based Inceptio Series, JD Logistics, and Meituan are a few of these businesses.

These businesses have completely changed how delivery and logistics services are offered in China. Also, they have set their sights on growing internationally. We will examine each of these businesses and their contributions to the tech sector in more detail in this piece.

Inceptio Series:

Technology firm Inceptio Series, founded in China, focuses on creating self-driving trucks. Since its founding in 2018, the business has been in the fore of technological advancement in the self-driving sector. Several of the largest businesses in China, like Dongfeng Motors and FAW Jiefang, have collaborations with Inceptio Series.

The company’s goal is to completely transform the transportation sector by making it more productive, affordable, and environmentally friendly. By utilising cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning, Inceptio Series hopes to do this.

JD Logistics:

JD Logistics is a division of JD.com, one of China’s biggest online retailers. The logistics firm was established in 2007 and has since grown to be a significant player in the market. In addition to warehousing, shipping, and last-mile delivery, JD Logistics provides a broad range of logistics and delivery services.

The business has made significant investments in robotics, drones, and artificial intelligence technology. JD Logistics is dedicated to sustainability as well, and the business has established a goal of using only green cars by 2030.


Meituan is a technology business with headquarters in China that focuses on providing local services and food delivery. Since its founding in 2010, the business has grown to rank among the biggest platforms for meal delivery in the globe. Among the many services Meituan provides are food delivery, hotel reservations, movie tickets, and ride-hailing.

The business has also made significant investments in technology, such as machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence. Meituan has made a commitment to sustainability and has established a goal to become carbon neutral by 2023.

Effect on Industry:

It is impossible to emphasise how much Inceptio Series, JD Logistics, and Meituan have contributed to the innovation sector. These businesses have not only completely changed how delivery and logistics services are supplied in China, but they have also raised the bar for innovation and sustainability.

Since these businesses have placed their sights on growing their operations abroad, their influence has not been restricted to China. While JD Logistics and Meituan have their sights set on Southeast Asia, Inceptio Series has already increased the scope of its activities to include the United States.


The Chinese companies Inceptio Series, JD Logistics, and Meituan have significantly impacted the tech sector. These businesses have transformed how logistics and delivery services are offered in China, and their influence has been felt throughout the world.

Its success is demonstrated by their development into international markets. Their dedication to innovation and sustainability has raised the bar for the sector. These businesses will undoubtedly have a bigger impact on the tech sector in the years to come as they develop and grow more.

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